I Hate Julie Plec

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Killer of Stefan. Killer of Camille. Killer of Steroline and Killer of Klamille.

New Teen Wolf movie and why I can’t get excited about it. September 25th, 2021 (More thoughts will come tomorrow:)

Favorite Quotes from….  The Originals..     The Mentalist…..    The Original Roswell ……  

Best looking men on Television…

Favorite Couples:
Niklaus and Camille : The Originals
Jennifer and Duke : Haven
Riley and Danny: Baby Daddy
Michael and Maria: Roswell (Original)
Stiles and Lydia : Teen Wolf
Mike and Julie: V (1984)

Favorite Montages 

[ RIP Tim ]  [ Dear Julie Plec ] [ Why this site exists ]

(Updated today, 9-14 2018)
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Rigsby and Van Pelt: The Mentalist
Stefan and Caroline: The Vampire Diaries
Paige and Nick: Bitten
Ziva and Tony: NCIS                                                                                                                    Sawyer and Kate : Lost

Special Unit 2. Kate and Nick                                                                                                       Flipper: Pam and Keith

Logan and Veronica: Veronica Mars
Joey and Pacey- Dawson’s Creek
Penelope and Derek- Criminal Minds
Nick and Natalie- Forever Knight
Duke and Jennifer: Haven
Audrey and Barto- Jack and Jill
Drake and Taylor- Star-Crossed
Cooper and Charlotte- Private Practice
Max and Kyle- Living Single
Laura and Greg- Knots Landing
Wick and Raven- The 100